Students share their success stories from Middle College

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Some high school students are graduating with a head start on college courses.

Students are sharing their success stories on a program that continues to grow and saves some from dropping out of high school.

“School was not anywhere I wanted to be, anything I wanted to be involved in,” Middle College graduate and now OTC student Cora Johnson said.

Johnson and Marley Hunt have a common story when it came to their high school experience, they both, at one point, wanted to drop out of high school.

“There was just no reason for me to really go to school, I just didn’t want to, I hated school,” Hunt said.

Here at Ozarks Technical Community College these college-level books may seem intimidating to the average high school student but the Middle College is a growing program reaching out to high school students who might otherwise drop out.

“Why drop out completely when this opportunity is available to me, and it’s free, so why not take it, and I did it, and now I’m here and going to college which I did not think when I was 16 that I would do,” Johnson said.

The Middle College started with 32 students back in 2008, it’s now helping 132 students to finish high school and get ahead by earning college credit for the career students are passionate about.

“You still get your high school and college credits, it really does help a lot with the future,” Hunt said.

“Basically I’ll teach high school English,” Johnson said.

“I want to be a psychologist,” Hunt said.

It’s a program that can sometimes be a high schooler’s last resort but it puts them on a path to success they’ll never forget.

“I’m really blessed, I’m so excited, like my parents they love it, but like it really has made a difference and like this program is really just so great,” Hunt said.

The recent high school graduate, Cora Johnson, said after her personal experience with this program she now wants to help future students like the school leaders that helped her.

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