Kate Middleton spent the most she ever has on fashion in 2017. Was it worth it?

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Kate Middleton had a record-setting year in terms of shopping. The Daily Mail has sifted through her wardrobe to determine how much the duchess spent on clothes in 2017, and the final figure is $160,000 — and those are only the new outfits we’ve seen. According to the Daily Mail, 2017 has been her most expensive fashion year yet, and there’s still one week left.

The newspaper reasons that this is because she swapped retailers like Zara for the high-end styles of Dolce and Gabbana.

There were some major events that tipped the scale in 2017, including her sister Pippa’s wedding. For that she wore a pale pink ensemble that cost $15,400, thanks to Kiki McDonough earrings that alone go for $10,000.

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